Friday, March 23, 2012

Shutocon Aftermath

So Shutocon was pretty awesome over the weekend (and yes, I know, it's been forever since I've posted anything...again) and I was able to make some decent money. I made about the same as I did at Almacon, so I think I did pretty well. I made the table cost back and then some (and I didn't count gas or food in costs, since I use a lot of gas anyway and paid for food with my personal spending money), so I'd say things came out okay. I sold two pairs of cyberlox and a bunch of stickers, which didn't surprise me. Then I sold the dog/fox amigurumi, the egg amigurumi, and the onigiri plushie. I think I would've sold more onigiri if I'd had more, but then again I might not have, cuz the food plushie people were at the table next door. lol

We were kinda situated in a bad spot for the table tho, which I think slowed down sales. It was a bummer, but I still made a profit, so it wasn't that big of a deal. The biggest bummer was that all of the ATMs were dead on Sunday. Two were out of cash and one was frozen, and the closest one after those was two blocks away, which no one wanted to walk for. That meant everyone who wanted to spend more but didn't have cash couldn't. There were a couple people that came by who were bummed about the situation cuz they wanted stuff but didn't have cash. I think we would've sold a lot more on Sunday if the ATMs hadn't died, and I think it was the same for most Artists there. A couple had card readers for non-cash customers, but I only think I saw 3 or 4 who had them. I want to invest in one, but they don't come cheap and they require some kind of service plan to go with them...and we're really not making enough right now to be able to afford one. I think they came out with an app of some kind for the iphone tho, so I'll have to check that out and see if it migh tbe more plausible. Cuz I could steal my bf's iPod touch and use it as long as there was internet access (or I could just steal his phone if he was at the con with me lol).

Now for a car update!! I got a new one finally! Well, okay, I got it about a month ago, but I'm a little bit slow with updating. And I was doing so well for a while!! lol But anyways, here it is:

I really like it. It gets GREAT gas mileage and my payment on it isn't that high, so I think I'm doing pretty good. The stereo is really nice too, which is a bonus. But I don't wanna ramble about my new car too much...this post is pretty long already! So I'll shut my mouth for the moment and let everyone enjoy their weekend!

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