Friday, November 30, 2012

Off to an Art Show!

In one week, my mom and I will be selling art stuffs at a craft fair. She's making candles and jewelry, and I hope things sell really well! Nevyn will be there with us as well, so I think it'll be fun! My mom's been working really hard with her candles, and I just got her an early Christmas present to help with the selling...boxes! I know, that sounds a little silly, but let me explain it a bit first.

My mom wanted to be able to put together little packages of candles and stuff, and she found a nice website where she could buy boxes to put everything in. She sent me a list of things that she wanted and she was only expecting that I MIGHT buy the set of small boxes for her to use. Well I bought her the small boxes, some big boxes, and the rainbow crinkle stuffing...stuff that she wanted. She thinks I spent too much, of course, but I know it'll really help her out with her candle business. Besides, she's my mom and I'm happy that I can help her with it!

So wish us luck! Hopefully I'll have some pics to post afterward. ^-^

For anyone who may be interested, the art show is at Central Middle School in Midland, MI. It is in both the gym and the cafeteria, and we'll be located in the cafeteria.