Friday, December 30, 2011

Candy Cane Wig

Hello again! Isn't it amazing to see another post in less than a month? lol I wanted to share a pic of my newest wig real quick:

It's very festive and I actually got to wear it to work on our "Casual Friday" (which was actually Thursday, since we were given Friday off), since it was just in time for Christmas! I wore it with my white santa hat and everyone at work loved it! I had to give it a nice brushing when I got it because it got a little frizzy in transit (and everyone knows the post office is notorious for not being gentle with packages when they need it), but it didn't take very long and I really love how it came out afterward. I really want to get a bunch of the others in the same style because it's so cute! So what do you think? I'm hoping to be able to put together a photoshoot with it one day soon, but I don't really have much that goes well with it... ^_^;; That's what happens when you don't have much red in your wardrobe!

I don't remember if I mentioned it in my last post, but I bought a yummy crochet kit with one of my Christmas giftcards. I've been busy working on the cupcake pattern that's in it (since it comes with the right materials for the cupcake and a donut) and I almost have it finished! I managed to get the top piece done and put together, so all I have left to do is stuff it and stitch the top and bottom together! Be on the lookout for some pics when I finally get it done.

And since my last post was SUPER long, I think I'll leave things there. Happy new year everyone!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After-Christmas Post

Hello everyone! I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season so far! Christmas is finally over and it was wonderful, despite some of the really sad things that have been happening. For those who haven't yet heard, a friend of mine died on the 23rd, so I've been pretty sad. I'm just really happy to have my boyfriend beside me to give me hugs when I start crying. It makes things a little bit easier. Then I found out recently that one of my friends had a house fire and lost her dog in it...and one of my aunts had a house fire and they're really lucky that my aunt that was staying over woke up or they all would have died. I'm just glad to hear that everyone is okay though.

So on to the happier news, Christmas was awesome! My boyfriend and I did two weekend of Christmas in a row because his brother had to leave for Korea the week before Christmas. We went up to his parents on Friday night and did dinner and Christmas with everyone. I got the new Zelda game for Wii, DDR for Wii, and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind from his mom along with TONS of giftcards (I still think she spent WAAY too much on me), and he got a bunch of blu-rays, a couple games, and the keurig coffee maker (which I suggested to his mom since it wasn't on his list). His sister also got his brother (the one leaving for Korea) some salt and vinegar crickets, so there was a lot of amusement going around. Although it was weird to think about, they really didn't taste bad. YES, I tried one. It actually wasn't gross at all. It just made my tongue kinda dry. Oh, and they were dead and no live bug eating! We went home afterwards even though it was late since no one else was staying, and he set up his coffee maker as soon as he got home. It came with 12 different cups to try too, so he's been testing out different flavors. We have 6 boxes of them now tho... O.o I got hot chocolate for us to share and a box of butter toffee flavor for myself, and he bought a box of hazelnut flavor from dunkin donuts for me, since I like the flavored ones best. There's still a few left of the trial box and his mom got him a box of donut shop stuff to go with it, and I bought him some chai latte ones when we did our grocery shopping the other day. Saturday we played with our new toys and Sunday we headed down to the airport in Lansing (a 2-hour drive) so he could say goodbye to his brother before he got on the plane. And then we drove straight back. It was a long drive with a short break, but I know it was worth it for my boyfriend to be able to give his little brother one last goodbye before he heads off to Korea for the next 2 or 3 years.

And now on to Christmas weekend! I had Friday off, so I slept in till late while my boyfriend went to work. I got up when he called me to meet him for lunch then came home, took a shower, and relaxed some more till it was time to head over to my mom's to meet up with a friend of mine who was visiting from Alaska. She ended up being busy till later then planned, so we just met up at my mom's and hung out for a while then the three of us went for Chinese and did a lot of chatting. After dinner my friend came over to my place for a while and got to meet my babies and play with them for a bit (she had a light that made a target shape on the floor that they loved chasing), and then she headed home when we were too tired.

Saturday (Christmas eve) my boyfriend and I did a little shopping in the morning because he needed to get a replacement headset for his computer. It was a really nice, expensive one and it broke when he turned his head to look at something. Luckily they have a manufacturer's warranty on them and we didn't have to deal with too much hassle. That night we drove up north to his parents place to get ready for the BIG family get together (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.). It wasn't until 7, so we hung out with his parents and siblings for a bit before heading over to his grandparents' place. I started crocheting a cupcake while we were waiting ^-^ because I bought a "Yummy crochet" kit from Barnes and Noble with one of my giftcards. So we headed over to his grandparents and had a nice dinner then everyone opened presents. I got a pretty box for storing my crafty stuff in and a bunch of home goodies (washcloths, hand towels, a pretty potholder, some jingle bells and christmas ornaments, and a candle) and a McDonald's giftcard, since it's just down the road from where I work and I can connect the card to my Upromise account and save up a little money to help pay off my student loans! And here's a pic from that night:

His Aunt was taking a bunch of couples pictures, so of course, we got our picture taken. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate having my picture taken with the flash on? lol So Sunday morning we got up and had some breakfast with his mom then headed back home to get ready for lunch with my mom. We got everything unpacked from one outing then packed everything up for another one and headed out. Then we had to grab my mom some salt on the way because she ran out. Luckily the party store around the corner from her place was open for business! So we began with presents...I had my mom open hers first because I got her one of the E-cigarettes. I know she really wants to quit and since the habit is the hardest part, I'm sure this will help her. They even come in nicotine-free, so she'll be able to quit with the worst part of it as soon as she's ready. I also had my boyfriend open what I got him first, which was a new stereo and pair of speakers for his car, since the back speakers in his car were bad when he got it and he really wanted the stereo. Then I got to open what he got for me (and I forgot to say it, but he had me open one of the boxes he had for me after his family Christmas the weekend was three wig heads, 2 bottles of colored hair dye, and a pair of really nice hair cutting scissors). He got me a dressform! So I can start making clothes that fit me right! ^-^ I can't wait to figure out what to do as my first project on it. There's so many possibilities! Aside from that, we got a bunch of nice, little things from my mom. I still have one more on the way, but I guess they won't even be shipping it out till the beginning of the year, and my mom was really bummed that it didn't show up in time for Christmas. I don't mind though.

After that, it was just relaxing. I finally tested out my DDR Christmas afternoon (and was ready to die after playing a step below my usual level and for a shorter duration...proof I'm WAY out of shape), and my boyfriend got his stereo installed at Best Buy on Monday night. The guy was really nice too and only charged $90 for the install when it should have been more because the whole backseat had to be taken out to replace the back speakers. He'll also need to order a special part to be able to make his steering wheel controls work again (but it needs to be ordered directly from the company that made the stereo), but it sounds really nice.

And I'm almost done with the cupcake I started on Christmas Eve. I have the cup finished and I'm just putting the edging on the frosting top. Then if I want to do the extra icing part, I'll need to make that, otherwise it'll just be a little assembly! So I'll get some pics of that up when I'm done.

And I guess that's pretty much it. I need to go buy a new red nail polish (the one I had finally died on me whole life pretty much lol) and some fabric to make something on my dressform, but that's all I've got going for now. I have next week off before classes start (ugh), and my boyfriend and I are looking to move into a new apartment cuz he finally got himself a new job. ^-^

Okay...I'll quit rambling now. If I don't post again before, happy new year everyone!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Website almost ready!

So once again I'm really bad at keeping up with a blog on a regular basis, but I've been working on the design for the Dex Studios website and I think it is coming along very nicely. I have changed it around a lot since I started designing it, but I am really happy with how it's looking right now. Here's what it looks like for those who haven't seen the design yet:

Well, okay, so it's still a LITTLE bit different than that now, but that's basically it. The only real difference right now is that I made the pink box look less boring. It has a bit of a pattern in the background so it's not so plain, but it's not too much to be distracting. I'm not sure when the site will be going live, but hopefully it will be soon. I need to take some new pics of all of the items that are currently available so they all look nice and then I'll be putting them on etsy for sale. I think once I have that all set I'll be putting the site up officially. I also need the pics for the products page. So does anyone have any other suggestions for the website design? I'm still up for new ideas! I'm also aiming to have the site all ready in time for Almacon.

And speaking of Almacon, it will be February 10-12! I'm not sure about the official opening times and stuff, but that's the weekend for it. You can always check out their website or facebook page for more info as well. As of right now, my friend Ashley is planning on selling with me there. She'll be selling amigurumi plushies and possibly some hats. My friend Alyssa may be joining us as well selling some prints and fused glass pendants.

After that is Shutocon! Ashley is planning on joining me there as well, so we'll have lots of fun stuff to sell! Unfortunately I didn't win the t-shirt design contest though, so I didn't get the table for free. Oh well. It was still fun to enter. ^-^ Shutocon is in March...but I can't remember the specific dates right now.

I can't think of anything else to talk about right now, so I guess I'll end it there. In case I don't post again before, merry Christmas everyone!