Monday, October 1, 2012

Acrylic Charms Ahoy!

So I have some super awesome news to share!! I just ordered the very first batch of acrylic charms for Dex Studios! It was hard to decide which designs to do though, as the minimum order is for 50 charms and I had three designs (which doesn't divide evenly into 50, or really provide enough of each charm for selling), so I had to pick two. I asked my bf what he thought and he said the same thing I was thinking: puppy and kitty! So my newest design addition of the spotted puppy and a charm version of maneki neko from my t-shirt design are being printed!

The company is located in the UK, but it's supposed to be the best one out there. The website said to allow 5 days for the charms to be made and then they will be shipped out. Since it's international and all, the shipping will take a while, but they should still make it in time for Youmacon! As long as nothing crazy happens, that is...wish me luck on that! I haven't had issues with any international packages I've received before, so I hope this one doesn't decide to be the exception!

I will try to update on this again once the charms come in. I'm soooo excited about this!! I really can't wait!!

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